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The Producers

A rough history of a porn production company in the making. Our history - taking shots since the 80's

Viv Thomas has been taking photographs since the early 80’s for some of the top magazines in the world including Penthouse, Playboy, Mayfair, Swank USA,Early 80's Namibian calendar photo shoot Club and many others. He has captured some of the world’s most beautiful women, He was one of the first photographers to shoot Jenna Jameson, and over the years has regularly been associated with a number of other high-profile models like Silvia Saint, Sandy and Diana van Laar.


In 1995 the company graduated to moving images and began making soft core movies. Since then we have been shooting beautiful girls on-location around the world: London, Portugal, Spain, the Seychelles, Budapest, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Mozambique, Thailand, Las Vegas and L.A are just some of the countries and cities in which we have worked. Our location trips are a relaxed but efficient affair with the trademark professionalism and discipline broadly apparent.

DVD Production

In 2001 a team of young film graduates were employed to take erotica to the next level and to produce films that are truly “a cut above the rest”.

We continue to work with the best models Europe has to offer and we also venture over the Atlantic to L.A. periodically to use American girls in our style of production. Our philosophy is to display the female form in a manner that encapsulates the true essence of beauty - Erotica with thought, with depth and with artistic merit.

viv thomas team circa 2007's Mission

Our aim has been to create genuinely tasteful, evocative and alluring work which is both high-end and fully explicit, and which appeals to men, women and couples. We started achieving critical acclaim for our lesbian trilogy, “Pink Velvet”, back in 2003 and have continued to build upon this success with a certain range of titles, which we have purposefully earmarked for exceptional treatment. We term this range “Late Night Films”.

Over the years we have also produced or distributed a number of other styles of work, including a range we call “Raw Productions,” which focuses more on a no-frills kind of pornography and caters for a different market, and we have also been long associated with Foot and Leg Fetish movies.